Short Reading for a Short Week of Leading


I’m coming to the end of 14 years of writing Reading for Leading on a weekly basis.

So: Thanks!!!!  Thanks for reading (and perhaps commenting once in a while).  I’m a Myers-Briggs “F” for “feeler,” so for me it’s all about relationship.  Where some people, gratefully, think about the problems, the structure and systems and data, I can’t but help to look at the people.  I hope to help people who want to lead, and lead for the benefit of other people.

I write and sometimes write well, because you read. You make me want to be clear, insightful, and USEFUL.

I appreciate your attention, encouragement, and your suggestions on improvement.

So get outta here and go thank someone who pays attention to your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and care, and helps you as you help me to

Lead with your best self!