Short RFL Long on Thanks


We give Thanks that this is a short week!  And, so I’ll strive for a 40% shorter RFL J

On the Everyday Leadership Radio Show I’ll spend both hours with four of the teacher/researchers of the University of Michigan’s Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship.  This group does fascinating work – all from the perspective that’s positive-rather-than-pathological.  They look at what works, at the “positive deviance” of high-achieving groups, at the productivity of high-energy organizations, and even at the positive power that flows from loss.  These guys are Michigan’s best kept secret when it comes to leadership and work.  They always uplift, inspire, and often surprise me with their research.  If you don’t listen in live on Saturday, then Google the podcast later; they’ll get you geeked.

I want to publicly thank Kim Cameron of the Center for POS for his work on writing a daily thanks journal.  Consider buying one for yourself or somebody else during these holidays.  Kim has written about the research-proven power of ending your day by writing thanks.  I attest to a much-improved attitude since I began doing it last year.

Lastly, on my website I’ve pulled together 11 really fun songs of thanks.  They range from Country to Gospel to Reggae to Indian to old Bing Crosby himself!  Might be a fun CD or podcast to build, especially if you’ve got a long drive or travel time this week. In both music and lyrics, they give thanks and uplift.

Give a lot of thanks this week, as you

Lead with your best self!


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