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  • Curbing the Curse of Conflict – Part Two

    This is part 2 of 3 in thinking about one of – if not the greatest energy-sucks in organizational and family life:  Conflict. Last week, I suggested a three-part foundation (if you missed last week’s RFL, the three parts are described in a little more […]

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  • How You Can Get a Handle on the Costly Curse of Conflict

    We were seven kids in a pretty healthy family.  Seven kids in a 3-bedroom ranch. Oh, and seven 7 kids in our one Ford Country Squire. Picture the 9 of us, sardine chldren: We were a daily and nightly laboratory of conflict. My memory is […]

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  • Gaining Leverage With Challenging “Allies”

    Although we battle with some adversaries, e.g., Obama v. Assad; most of our difficulties – truth be told are with allies, those in our tent: Boehner with the Tea Party, mom with dad, CEO with COO, boss with worker. We forget that we’re on the […]

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  • What Men Say, What Women Hear

    Special 12th Anniversary Guest Column By Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster We recently appeared on a late-night television show to promote our new book, Mean Girls at Work.  Our hosts, two male comedians, were very surprised to learn that women react to teasing, sparring and criticism very differently […]

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  • Previously on “Everyday Leadership”: Working through Conflicts

    Previously on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talked about conflict and resolution at home, work and play. Solving problems seems easy enough, but what about when people aren’t willing to budge? Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University Iris Bohnet was on to talk with Dan about […]

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  • Getting Hooked– And Off The Hook

    Getting Hooked– And Off The Hook

    Friends, Ever find yourself getting “hooked?”  I’m not talking hockey. And I’m not talking the oldest profession on earth. I’m talking about when someone has a way of sending your blood pressure through the roof, and of “making you” do things you don’t want […]

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