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  • Keeping it real simple

    This blog is called Everyday Leadership.  Obama is Obama.  Trump is Trump.  And you and I can choose to be everyday leaders.  324,707,000 people reside here.  It’s pretty wonderful and pretty crazy that as 1 out of 324,707,000 each of us feels entitled to have […]

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  • Converting Complaints to Positive Leadership

    Thank you to the 231 of you who weighed in on my survey on complaining last week! I am afraid I botched the design a little,* but the core data remains fascinating:  People who responded guesstimated that they complain between 14 and 18 times a […]

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  • Gaining Leverage With Challenging “Allies”

    Although we battle with some adversaries, e.g., Obama v. Assad; most of our difficulties – truth be told are with allies, those in our tent: Boehner with the Tea Party, mom with dad, CEO with COO, boss with worker. We forget that we’re on the […]

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  • When an Important Partnership is Strained – Part Two

    Last week I suggested that the best way to renew a strained partnership is to work on yourself. I suggested I must lead with my best self to begin with the assumption that I have done something to contribute to stress or a breakdown.  It takes […]

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  • The Rope Trick – How to avoid getting let down

      Friends, I recommend you watch today’s RFL, which I shared on Maria Shriver’s website last week.*   I realize that many read RFL at work and may not be able to watch video, so below is a written piece which parallels the points in the […]

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  • What Happens When Somebody Attacks You

    [audio:]   Friends, I have one story I’ll frame with three questions.  If you feel like it, comment on them when you’re finished reading. 1.   How important for everyday leadership at home and work is the phenomenon I will discuss? 2.   What’s your experience been? […]

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  • The Irony of Adversaries – Part 2 on the best self

    Friends, Last week I wrote about the need we all have as leaders to become aware of our judgments of others – our mental whipping boys. My point was to develop the skill of stepping outside your judgments and strong opinions and to see yourself […]

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  • Authority and Conflict Resolution

    Authority and Conflict Resolution

    In the final segment of the show, Dan talks with two callers on how they solve common problems in their lives. Dan talks with a local nurse and teacher about different authority roles can affect how a conflict is solved.

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  • Men and Women Problem Solving

    Men and Women Problem Solving

    In this segment Dan talks about the different conflict-resolution styles of men and women.

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  • Conflict: A Learning Experience

    Conflict: A Learning Experience

    In the second segment Dan continues to talk about how conflict should be viewed as a win-win situation,

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