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  • What to Get Dad: Compassion and Curiosity

    SPECIAL FATHER’S DAY EDITION What to Get Dad: Compassion and Curiosity As we celebrate Father’s Day, explore with me two questions: How do dads lead? And what do dads need? Back in the day – through the ’50s and ’60s – dad led by protecting […]

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  • Everyday Leadership – Everyday Followership

    Friends, So, we’re out here in far away California. Our house feels like a summer cottage – lots of wood and windows-to-nature and walls that don’t require northern insulation – and we feel like we’re on vacation. Classes don’t start until late August. Jack’s cool […]

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  • Dan Kindlon Part 1

    Dan Kindlon Part 1

    Dr. Dan Kindlon is the author of “Raising Cain:Protecting the Emotional Health of Boys.” Dan gets the inside scoop on what generated the idea behind this book, why Cain, and what we are doing wrong with our boys.

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  • Ben Murphy-The Father Life

    Ben Murphy-The Father Life

    Dan talks with Ben Murphy Founder of The Father Life about the new roles of Dads. The Father Life is an online magazine that helps new Dads cope with the role of becoming a Father, and how to maintain their “guy time.”

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  • Last Week: Grab Work by the Horns

    Ready, Set Charge! On “Everyday Leadership” get ready to dive right into career advancement. Dan will discuss how you can better yourself in your current position, and we look over the ever evolving work-family balance. Joan Williams, Professor of Law at U.C. Hastings College of […]

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  • Home Leadership – Father's Week

    Home Leadership – Fathers Week Friends, “Sorry. We did not find any results with the search terms you provided. Please try your search again.”¬†I’ll leave you to wonder for a second what I was searching for on the Barnes & Noble magazine database. ¬†Frustrated at […]

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