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  • learning-to-ride

    Why We’re Scared to Lead

    I think she almost laughed at me. Kind of blurted an involuntary guffaw. But then my Teaching Assistant followed up her involuntary non-verbal display with sincere verbal reassurance. We were recapping the last 3 classes, all of which were led by students themselves. We were […]

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    My Son, My Fear, My Friend

      Friends, Almost every leader’s biggest challenge is unleashing initiative.  If it’s not getting people to initiate and generate, then it’s getting people to initiate work with others.  Parents, bosses, presidents, principals? They’re all trying to light fires and increase people’s capacity to work together […]

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  • boss yelling

    What They Forgot to Tell Bosses but Bosses Need to Know

    I led a workshop last week in San Francisco for the Institute for Management Studies, and I was reminded again about how bosses can make their people miserable. This is about how not to do that! Among the 40 or so participants there were about six […]

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  • easy

    How You COULD Make This Week Easy

    This semester has been a hard one.  Challenging client work.  Digging the foundation for a book – and that idea-earth feels like hard clay for my mental shovel. Three classes – and one especially challenging.  Sometimes the coach needs a coach, so I’ve been working with […]

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  • Dilbert at a meeting

    What to do if They don’t listen to you

    Yesterday, I went for a run with Hannah, a former student and TA of mine. She’s now doing amazing work at an excellent organization. She shared some reflections on how she felt the organization could improve. I shared with her that I thought her reflections […]

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  • graduation with jmulls

    How Parents and Bosses Need the Same Lesson.

    On Sunday, Jennifer and I watched the last of our three children cross the high school stage. Being a parent is the quintessential form of hierachical leadership. No new employee comes to work, no student enters a classroom,  as full of promise and as completely dependent […]

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  • Who Meeee

    Not You

    Here’s a simple thought — maybe for the week. Maybe for the day.  Maybe for just now: What if you forget about everything YOU have to do this week? Forget about your top 3 goals (What, you don’t write your top 3 goals every week?). […]

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  • MIndset Cover

    How to Grow Your Leadership Mindset

    Carol Dweck a long-time Stanford psychologist burst onto the scene with Mindset: The New Psychology of Success at the end of 2007.  It’s been around for a long while, it will be around for a much longer while, and I finally got around to reading […]

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  • chariot goals

    Two Things to Make Your Goals Work For You

    Last week, I suggested that you take YOUR route to annual goal-setting. Maybe your verb is to “hope,” or “intend” or a “commit” to those goals.  Robert Fritz, whose work I greatly admire,* balked at my offering of verbs. He argued that I missed the […]

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  • sergeant stripes

    Celebrating a Veteran – Questioning our Assumptions

    One of the favorite classes I teach is on giving feedback. It’s an art. And it’s a science, whose inner laws were taught me by my friend and mentor Mary Ann Hastings. I keep learning to “paint” with the feedback brush and to refine my […]

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