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  • U of D 43 lettermen

    Curmudgeon Leadership – Can we bring it back?

    I find myself thinking back to high school.  It’s “back, back, back,” as ESPN’s Chris Berman would describe an outfielder’s movement before everyone realizes it’s “long gone.”*  I went to University of Detroit High School on 7 Mile Road in Detroit from 1972-1976. The teachers […]

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  • Judge Terry Berg

    How Everyday Leadership Turns Magnificent

    (I am interpreting, fairly I hope, an incident that happened this past Thursday night. For insight from one of the principals, you can watch a Detroit Free Press interview here.) It usually starts bad. Often, really bad. Like this past Thursday: Two guys come up […]

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  • Formal Coaching for Extraordinary Performance

    Formal Coaching for Extraordinary Performance

    Last week I shared the research on the huge gap that lies between the frequency of ideal and typical coaching.  What your feedback on my survey showed was that  most of us would like informal feedback once a week or at least every other week, while the […]

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  • When to coach calendar

    Best Practice Coaching – How Often You Ask?

    Shouldn’t every college graduate take a course in managing and coaching people? I know my wife and I with our fancy-shmancy bachelors AND graduate degrees never received formal training. Instead, we learned like so many people, on the job. Most of that was by osmosis […]

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  • complaining

    Converting Complaints to Positive Leadership

    Thank you to the 231 of you who weighed in on my survey on complaining last week! I am afraid I botched the design a little,* but the core data remains fascinating:  People who responded guesstimated that they complain between 14 and 18 times a […]

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  • bite your tongue

    Gain Self Awareness in 24 Hours

    The practitioners of “emotionally intelligent leadership” agree that self-awareness is a cornerstone skill to develop.  I offer today’s experimental Reading for Leading with the intent of helping you raise your self awareness. I have a question, then a challenge. I’m hoping that tomorrow (when I […]

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  • Slapping one's own wrist?

    Would You Handle Your Screw-Ups As I Have Mine?

    Trust is the KILLER APP. A new client retained me last week. I told him I’d write up the agreement and pricing if he wanted it, but I didn’t need it. He could dump me at any time, and I’d fix to his liking any […]

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  • november calendar short week

    Short Reading for a Short Week of Leading

    I’m coming to the end of 14 years of writing Reading for Leading on a weekly basis. So: Thanks!!!!  Thanks for reading (and perhaps commenting once in a while).  I’m a Myers-Briggs “F” for “feeler,” so for me it’s all about relationship.  Where some people, gratefully, […]

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  • right under your nose

    How We’ve Discovered Untapped Resources

    I was with a client last week and they repeatedly used the word “under-resourced.”  If you’re not Google or Twitter, that statement probably applies to you, right?  We’re all stretched thin in these days of do-more-with-less.  Yet I’ve been blessed by raining-down resources, and perhaps […]

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  • push back

    Don’t Let ‘Em Suck You In! Leaders Fight Back

      Lord, it would be funny if it weren’t so crazy. How do we nurture everyday leaders? Better start here: Realize it’s a 24-7 job to push back. Cuz if you’re a parent, teacher, CEO, preacher, boss or head of just about anything, they’re going […]

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