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  • authorized-stamp

    Who Authorized You?

    I am in the middle of an experiment in the course I am teaching to Masters in Public Policy students at Berkeley. I share this for two reasons that I hope you will find value in, and which I will explain in the 2 numbered […]

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  • Brene Brown

    Am I Nuts – I Don’t Think So

    “Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage. To be vulnerable, to let ourselves be seen [is] incredibly, incredibly difficult.” – Brene Brown* I share with you  today what for me is a grand, wonderful and scary-as-all-get-out experiment. I see it as a petrie dish […]

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  • 5 rings

    The Two Most Important Words for Leaders

    Someone once told me: The two most important words in the English language are “after you.” Can we reconcile this lovely thought with our rigid notion of “the leader,” a word and concept, which quite literally describes the one in front? Yes! Because in great […]

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  • truman_buck_stops

    Look Out Because the Buck Might Stop With You

    The buck just might stop with you.  So, don’t pass it!!! A faulty ignition switch on a number of General Motors vehicles led to the deaths of at least 13 people.  The buck now sits with GM’s new CEO Mary Barra.  (The celebratory cakes honoring […]

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  • scott-humble-teacher-250

    How to Choose a Role Model for Maximum Effect – a mini column

    Friends, We got to Jack’s piano recital early last night. Scott was putting the programs on the chairs. Just an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet folded in half, with a frilly cut on the right side of the cover.  Inside: Twenty three students were listed on […]

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  • jennifer-granholm

    What You May Not Know About How Much They’re Paying Attention to You

    Friends, I have been in positions for 29 of the last 31 years (exceptions: first year of law school and first year as a lawyer) when people supposedly had to pay attention to me.  I’ve run teams, coached clients, taught students and most important raised […]

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  • imgres

    We Have Met the Enemy

    Friends, I will go into battle at 8:00 AM, PST today, perhaps just after you have opened this.  I shall be leading a revolution.  Let me tell you the victory I seek and then the enemy(ies) I must conquer. I hope that it might help […]

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  • led lights

    Not Just a Follower

    Not Just a Follower Friends, Today, I share outrage and a quick refresher. The outrage:  Here’s what happens: the Detroit Tigers lose, and we blame the authorities.  I’m guilty of this.  I didn’t see why the Tigers manager Jim Leyland put Schlereth in for Scherzer. […]

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  • P1060047

    Leading When the Lines Are All Blurred

    Friends, Have you ever thought about all the lines that have been erased in the last 50 years?  It hit me when I was listening to a story about the number and impact of “soldier bloggers” in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Technology has eliminated the line […]

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  • churchill

    What Do You Expect?

    What Do You Expect? Friends, Last week Jennifer, Jack, Cece and I saw a very powerful documentary film now out, called “Waiting for Superman.” There are enough scenes dramatic, controversial, or just really powerful, that it wouldn’t be possible for me to spoil the movie […]

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