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    5th of July – Let it Go. Let it Rip.

    If you find this back at your work station, welcome back. ¬†Many of us, back from the sun (burn?), water, fireworks, beer and wine, family (maybe family stress ? ūüôā ), friends, kids, late nights, naps. Not an easy transition, so three short thoughts to […]

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  • chariot goals

    Two Things to Make Your Goals Work For You

    Last week, I suggested that you take YOUR route to annual goal-setting. Maybe your verb is to “hope,” or “intend” or a “commit” to those goals. ¬†Robert Fritz, whose work I greatly admire,* balked at my offering of verbs. He argued that I missed the […]

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  • January-5

    New Year – New You – Put it Out There

    I have arrogantly written my first law of leadership. In honor of ancient languages like Hebrew and Arabic, my law reads “backwards.” Because to do something backwards requires intention and focus. Thus, Mulhern’s First Law of Leadership: tfeL oTthgiR morF knihT syawlA or, for ease: […]

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  • magnifying glass

    See Your Way to the Best Year Ever

    Happy New Year! ¬†That’s a wish. ¬†And here are 3 actionable ideas, especially if you haven’t set goals for 2014. First, put yourself first! Second, make yourself focus. Third, work backwards from January 1, 2015. Put yourself first, because nobody else (other than a great […]

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  • HOLIDAY do list

    Two Survival Skills for Holidays :-) Work :-)

    It’s always struck me as the season of contradiction. Longer nights and fallen leaves invite sleep, if not outright hibernation. But in most work cycles, the pressure calls for more work than ever. ¬†Lawyers collect their bills, accountants fight through year-ends, sales folks and development […]

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  • popes

    How to Double Your Leadership Effectiveness

    Friends,   In Sunday’s New York Times, the great novelist Elmore Leonard (University of Detroit High School, 1943) imagines what his father would say to Elmore’s mother about the current situation at the Vatican: ‚ÄúYou see, we‚Äôre gonna have two popes at the same time […]

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  • Help Wanted

    Get Help!!!

    Friends, Last week I invited you to commit to making this the best year of your life. ¬†Part of making 2012 my best year on the planet is reaching the specific Big Hairy Audacious Goal of landing a TV show to engage everyday leaders around […]

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  • January_1_Calendar

    Just Reading This RFL is a Waste of Time

    Friends, Here’s my Happy New Year’s wish, which is perhaps better seen as an invitation, or a taunt: LEAD YOURSELF to your best year ever. ¬†Absurd? ¬†Audacious? Well, leadership always has an element of audacity to it. ¬†President Kennedy said: we’ll put an American on […]

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  • setting-goals

    On “Everyday Leadership”: Reach your Goals Faster and Lead in Tough Times

    Recently on “Everyday Leadership” Dan looked into reaching your goals faster and leading through tough situations. Dan talked to Mark Murphy the founder and CEO of Leadership IQ,and a top-rated provider of leadership training for Microsoft, IBM, MasterCard, Merck, and other companies. Murphy was on […]

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  • tell yourself "it's gonna be a great day"

    Raising the Odds on Hitting Important Goals

    Friends, Some thousand people making New Years Resolutions agreed to share their experience with Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire in England. Over half were confident at the beginning that they’d succeed. That tells you something already, no? Half weren’t confident from the […]

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