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  • A Reading for Leading as Short as a Christmas Elf

    Your Key Task on December 11 is . . . to implement Mulhern’s First Law:*  Always Think From Right to Left.  Right, in this case, is December 31.  It is just twenty days away. What do you and your key peeps really want or need […]

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  • A Resolution to Change A Life

    Happy New Year . . . and to help make it so . . . I will be writing much of this year on the topic that has for three years completely seized my imagination, my research, teaching, client practice, and family life.  Paired Leadership. […]

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  • Just Reading This RFL is a Waste of Time

    Friends, Here’s my Happy New Year’s wish, which is perhaps better seen as an invitation, or a taunt: LEAD YOURSELF to your best year ever.  Absurd?  Audacious? Well, leadership always has an element of audacity to it.  President Kennedy said: we’ll put an American on […]

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  • Freelancing

    Friends, I heard from two Romanians, a Hungarian, Venezuelan, Pakistani, and one American.  I ran an experiment that shed an eerie light on the book that Jennifer and I have coming out in three weeks, and it also reinforced my thinking about the importance of this […]

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  • Coaches and Hard Goals part 2

    Coaches and Hard Goals part 2

    In the last segment of the show Dan talks about perspective taking and investment. Not investment like money, but our investment with upcoming generation.

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  • Benefiting from Coaches and Hard Goals

    Benefiting from Coaches and Hard Goals

    In this part of the show Dan invite’s callers on to talk about the benefits of coaching, state cuts, and how they are achieving their goals.

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  • Hard Goals,Mark Murphy Part 2

    Hard Goals,Mark Murphy Part 2

    In the second segment Dan learns the “secret” to really achieving your goals, and why short term goals usually don’t work out in the long run.

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  • Hard Goals, Mark Murphy Part 1

    Hard Goals, Mark Murphy Part 1

    In this segment Dan talks with Mark Murphy on his new book “Hard Goals.” Listen to hear how measurable goals are, if they are realistic, achievable, and what kinds of goals work.

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  • Kent Lineback Part 4

    In the final segment of the hour Dan and Kent talk about the responsibility to manage your networks, your team and yourself. Hear Kent’s response to “Look, I know what it takes to manage. I just don’t want to do it,” a quote from Sterling […]

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  • Kent Lineback Part 3

    In this segment the three imperatives in “Being the Boss” are outlined on how to become a great boss, and why authority is a two way street.

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