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  • rocky road

    What to Do When an Important Partnership is Getting Worse

    Note:  This article was originally published June 10, 2013 I’ve hit rocky patches with bosses, and when I was the boss, ran off the smooth road with business partners, friends — and even my bride/best friend.  In at least a few cases, we never recovered. In […]

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  • Dilbert at a meeting

    What to do if They don’t listen to you

    Yesterday, I went for a run with Hannah, a former student and TA of mine. She’s now doing amazing work at an excellent organization. She shared some reflections on how she felt the organization could improve. I shared with her that I thought her reflections […]

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  • kg and doc rivers

    Let Yourself Be Led by Those You Ostensibly Lead

    Friends, Sometimes I wonder:  Have I gotten too soft, when so many of my Reading for Leading blogs are about relationship?  But then I figure:  how else can you lead or be led, except in relationship?  And this past week offered three ripe examples, one […]

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  • imgres

    We Have Met the Enemy

    Friends, I will go into battle at 8:00 AM, PST today, perhaps just after you have opened this.  I shall be leading a revolution.  Let me tell you the victory I seek and then the enemy(ies) I must conquer. I hope that it might help […]

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  • Sawu Bona

    Oxymoron for the week – Everyday Leadership Superstar

    Friends, Leadership lessons often leap from the world of sports.  And so often, NOT!  Today, a big NOT.  I opened a news site’s sports page, it was about playoffs, and typically, it was all about stars: Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City and the showdown between […]

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  • lee-iacocca-with-the-iacocca-mustang

    This Probably Doesn’t Apply to You

    This Probably Doesn’t Apply to You Friends, We think: This doesn’t apply to me.  So, (first) let me talk about who it does apply to; namely, Lee Iacocca, at least according to Steve Miller, a former Chrysler exec who went on to become CEO of […]

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  • Druck

    Bosses Good and Not So

    Friends, This week on my Everyday Leadership radio show we’ll hear from Curt Coffman, who with Marcus Buckingham co-authored the highly popular Gallup-data based book, First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently.  They weren’t the first to say it, but said […]

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  • White Sheets and Granting Greatness

    White Sheets and Granting Greatness

    Friends, I finished a speech at a health care conference last week, took questions, then had time for one of my own. I asked:  “What will you take away, what will you think or do differently?”  A man raised his hand:  “On Monday, I’m going […]

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