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  • Managing a Challenging Manager

    This post was originally published on March 25, 2013. Friends, A wonderful recent college grad was seeking advice … about how to give advice.  Her organization is one that’s trying to do the right thing by giving the front line (where she is) lots of […]

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  • Testing Your Leadership Power

    Testing Your Leadership Power Friends, I think I was wrong last week when I called Fr. Mark’s wonderfully crazy move an act of trust.  If you missed last week’s RFL, I told how our pastor at St. Augustine’s in Oakland, California flipped the service – […]

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  • Recently on “Everyday Leadership”:Men and Women Working and Buying

    Recently on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talked about the different ways men and women work and how they consume. Consider the fact the women make up just over 50% of the U.S. population, and make over 80% of consumer decisions. Dan will have different experts on […]

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  • Previously on “Everyday Leadership”: Start-ups and Local Entrepreneurs

    On “Everyday Leadership” Dan discussed start-ups and local entrepreneurs. The show included an owner of a local sports store, State Director of Small Business and Technology Development Centers, and a Michigan State Grad who started a world wide web phenomenon. Curt Munson owner of the […]

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  • So, Say You Want to Offer Someone Some Coaching

    Friends, With the publication of my new book, Be Real last week I thought I’d try something new: a video version of Reading for Leading.  It’s one of my absolute favorite ideas – with credit to my friends at PMP in Bingham Farms – on […]

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  • Laboring America

    Laboring America Friends, Which auto executive said this about his organization: We “recognize(s) that flexibility, innovation, lean manufacturing and continuous cost improvement are paramount in the global marketplace.” You might not have guessed that it was Bob King, new president of the United Auto Workers, […]

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  • A Chicken and Egg Question About Leaders and Teammates

    A Chicken and Egg Question About Leaders and Teammates Friends, I’m a Democrat, but especially a democrat when it comes to work.  I wrote a book called Everyday Leadership: Getting Results in Business, Politics, and Life and I have a radio show called “everyday leadership,” […]

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  • You Can Lead Up

    You Can Lead Up

    Friends, I came at it from a bunch of different angles on Saturday. Topic: How do you get heard? I interviewed a radio producer to see just how the successful supplicants managed to get on JP McCarthy’s morning drive time show. I talked to Lindsay […]

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  • Character(s) and Family

    Character(s) and Family

    Jack is 12.  Kate is 20.  They remain my best leadership lab: I study their behaviors, and study myself acting in response.  I like family leadership, because it’s real, raw, unpretentious, yet the stakes are high.  This week the two reminded me that it’s important […]

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  • Succeeding at Far Off Goals – Last in a series

    Succeeding at Far Off Goals – Last in a series

    Today in the last of a series on reaching long-term goals, I offer age-old wisdom from Stephen Covey along with a simple, specific tactic. First, the tactic: create two-week goals.  Take the big long-term goal that you have, and ask yourself this simple question: “What […]

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