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  • authorized-stamp

    Who Authorized You?

    I am in the middle of an experiment in the course I am teaching to Masters in Public Policy students at Berkeley. I share this for two reasons that I hope you will find value in, and which I will explain in the 2 numbered […]

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  • Horton_Hears_A_Who

    What’s With Leading Up?

    I originally published this column in 2008 and got almost 80 reader responses. Thought it worth sharing with some minor revisions… Do you make anything of this? Last Monday I wrote about “managing up.” I got only 4 blog comments, three of which were random […]

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  • megaphone

    Moving the authority – whether you’re the #2 or the #rebel

    Hannah, my great TA and I are in the middle of reading eight cases a week of “leadership breakdowns.” The fact-patterns are diverse but a handful of themes continually recur. These student cases are strikingly similar to “real life” adult cases, including breakdowns I have […]

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  • Bones - Lefty's Caddie

    Monday Inspiration from Bones and Lefty

    Are you, as I am in middle age, drawn to enchanted memories of early years? I can see, even smell certain places I haven’t been in 40 years. So my brother Pat repeatedly says to me, “Danny, we’ve got to go back and play Birmingham […]

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  • kg and doc rivers

    Let Yourself Be Led by Those You Ostensibly Lead

    Friends, Sometimes I wonder:  Have I gotten too soft, when so many of my Reading for Leading blogs are about relationship?  But then I figure:  how else can you lead or be led, except in relationship?  And this past week offered three ripe examples, one […]

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  • classroom_students08

    After the Assassinations – Leaders Go First

    Friends, You know “tautologies,” right, expressions that use different words to define or describe the same thing? My favorite one is from the great Kouzes and Posner who write, “leaders go first.” I mean, a leader literally leads, right, like the car or horse “in […]

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  • You Can Lead Up

    You Can Lead Up

    Friends, I came at it from a bunch of different angles on Saturday. Topic: How do you get heard? I interviewed a radio producer to see just how the successful supplicants managed to get on JP McCarthy’s morning drive time show. I talked to Lindsay […]

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