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  • thinking-conf-bias

    The Rewarding Discipline of Positive Leadership

    “Doesn’t being so positive with people end up meaning that you’re denying reality?”   I was asked this at a Women’s Executive Leadership program at the Haas Business School at Berkeley last week.  She was responding to my challenge: great relationships tilt heavily positive, so […]

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  • what's up

    Dirty Management Truth: What’s Up?

    Dirty truth:  Most of us were never taught how to manage an individual, and especially when that individual goofed up. We mimic our parents, bosses, Murphy Brown, Donald Trump. We dislike it. They dislike it. It’s just something that has to be done, like vomiting […]

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  • 20160728_203033

    4 Pledges to Build Resilience – as American enters the 100-day race

    Note: I hope no phrase in this message is partisan. Forgive me (and point it out to me) if I stray. I write not for a candidate but for us, the voters, the everyday leaders required to make a representative democracy function. Well into my […]

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  • target checkout

    I’d like to hear your story

    Last week I wrote about the story of the “coin on the copier.” In a “comment,” Steven Jackson, one of my students, shared a similar story. It’s too good not to call your attention to it. And I do so with this invitation: What’s YOUR […]

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  • complaining

    Converting Complaints to Positive Leadership

    Thank you to the 231 of you who weighed in on my survey on complaining last week! I am afraid I botched the design a little,* but the core data remains fascinating:  People who responded guesstimated that they complain between 14 and 18 times a […]

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  • bite your tongue

    Gain Self Awareness in 24 Hours

    The practitioners of “emotionally intelligent leadership” agree that self-awareness is a cornerstone skill to develop.  I offer today’s experimental Reading for Leading with the intent of helping you raise your self awareness. I have a question, then a challenge. I’m hoping that tomorrow (when I […]

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  • pizza party

    How to Feed Your Team and Build a Positive Culture

    As long-time readers know (and by the way, today marks the beginning of year 14 of RFL), from time-to-time readers get enthused and write back to me with better ideas than I have shared in the first place. Today I feature feedback from a friend, […]

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  • velcro and teflon

    How to Chew Up Criticism Instead of Letting it Chew You Up – Get real and get strategic

    My vocal teacher has story after story – starting with her own – of how critics can be to a singer’s esteem, what termites are to a wooden home.  A single criticism can devour the mind of self-confidence and easy expression.  Singers or not, everyone […]

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  • Bones - Lefty's Caddie

    Monday Inspiration from Bones and Lefty

    Are you, as I am in middle age, drawn to enchanted memories of early years? I can see, even smell certain places I haven’t been in 40 years. So my brother Pat repeatedly says to me, “Danny, we’ve got to go back and play Birmingham […]

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  • influence1

    Great Leaders Use Influence, Not Power

    Special 12th Anniversary Guest Column JOEL GARFINKLE: Great Leaders Use Influence, Not Power Many leaders confuse influence with power. However, there is a vast difference between the two and the simple act of learning that difference and how to use it can move your career ahead in unexpected ways. […]

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