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  • How to Choose a Role Model for Maximum Effect – a mini column

    Friends, We got to Jack’s piano recital early last night. Scott was putting the programs on the chairs. Just an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet folded in half, with a frilly cut on the right side of the cover.  Inside: Twenty three students were listed on […]

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  • My Personal Leadership Hero(ine)

    Friends, In almost 11 years of writing “Reading for Leading,” I think I’ve only once written about my wife. Much as I love and admire Jennifer, I’ve tried to keep her out of this, and I’ve appreciated that about 99.5% of my readers have as […]

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  • A New Man’s Beer Commercial

    Cover of The Myth of Male Power In an hour, I will join 10 awesome women and a very cool guy to be feted by the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame.  Thomas Bisonnette, the Associate Executive Director for Nursing Practices at the Michigan Nurses Association […]

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  • Kobe Bryant – Mea Culpa

    Kobe Bryant – Mea Culpa

    RFL Readers: I received two private emails from people who were upset with my choice of Kobe Bryant as a role model for leadership. They were not arguing with Kobe’s work ethic and his turning to a coach to improve his skills. They instead said […]

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