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  • Be a Leader – Be an Ally

    I had the wonderful opportunity to present to a cohort of leaders at a major corporation last week.  The group of 75 came from around the country. They had been selected based on their upwards trajectory at the firm and their promise as leaders. Can […]

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  • Great Leaders Use Influence, Not Power

    Special 12th Anniversary Guest Column JOEL GARFINKLE: Great Leaders Use Influence, Not Power Many leaders confuse influence with power. However, there is a vast difference between the two and the simple act of learning that difference and how to use it can move your career ahead in unexpected ways. […]

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  • Finding the Mohamed Bouazizi in Your World

    Friends, I’m looking for the Mohamed Bouazizi in my world. . . and in yours. Mind you, this is scary leadership stuff. Bouazizi was angry. He was a street vegetable vendor. A policewoman fined him and took his stuff;  she was unsatisfied with the fine […]

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