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  • When A Problem Won’t Go Away

    My wife and son and I were on our way back from the airport and were approaching the 7-mile long San Mateo Bridge. It usually moves at an easy 60 MPH clip, but we could see it was a tenth of that speed and slowing […]

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  • On “Everyday Leadership”:Positive Leadership and Transitions

    Last week on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talked about what positive leadership means, and how life’s transitions, no matter size, can be beneficial to becoming a positive leader. Carol Evans President of Working Mother Media was on to talk about the company’s online magazine Working […]

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  • Say Goodbye To Stuff That's Over

    Say Goodbye To Stuff That's Over

    In William Bridges’ book on Transitions he says that we’ve got it backwards. We think that our personal and organizational stories unfold through beginnings, middles, and then endings. Nope. He says it’s much more accurate and helpful to see our personal and organizational lives unfolding […]

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