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  • Clarifying Authority – Seeking Your Input

    Dear Friends, Last week I wrote about the old male authority figure – and how we can keep what works and ditch what doesn’t. Again, as is becoming wonderfully routine, it garnered comments from readers that challenged and stretched the idea I presented. This week, I offer […]

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  • Old Male Authority and Best Self Leadership

    Friends, The great John Tenbusch, master teacher, philosopher and maybe part madman, would grit his teeth so hard you could hear the grinding from the last seat in room 214 of University of Detroit High School. Through clenched jaw he would growl, “Damn it _____ […]

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  • Keep the Change

    Friends, Don’t you wish you could just tell them: “Keep the change?!” But it just keeps coming, faster than death or taxes. In leadership, you’ve got to look for change and work to help others see it…though they’d rather you just keep the change. It’s […]

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  • Today is Mothers Day

    Friends, On Mothers Day, is it just my early ’60s-’70s upbringing that makes me think of a very traditional mom?  You know, cooking, hugging, putting on bandages, meeting the bus, cleaning (and making us clean), gardening, and taking grandma to the doctors.  Of course, most […]

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  • Recently on “Everyday Leadership”: Leading Women on Leading Men

    Recently on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talked with three leading women about the work family debate. Dan discussed the differences in the ways men and women lead on both the work and home front, and how we view both. Joan Williams Director of the Center for […]

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  • Previously on “Everyday Leadership”: Gender Roles in Health Care

    Previously on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talks about “Health Care and the Role of Caregivers.” Many of us think of women in the role of nursing, but what about the men of nursing? Author Christine Williams has written about men in women’s jobs and how the […]

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  • On “Everyday Leadership”: Reach your Goals Faster and Lead in Tough Times

    Recently on “Everyday Leadership” Dan looked into reaching your goals faster and leading through tough situations. Dan talked to Mark Murphy the founder and CEO of Leadership IQ,and a top-rated provider of leadership training for Microsoft, IBM, MasterCard, Merck, and other companies. Murphy was on […]

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  • Seismic Shifts at Work and Home

    Seismic Shifts at Work and Home

    Seismic Shifts at Work and Home Michigan got totally blasted by a slow-coming seismic shift away from low-skill, high-wage manufacturing jobs. Now, in the world of families, work and gender, America’s in the midst of a similarly slow seismic shift. Are we ready? Humans aren’t […]

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  • Looking at Men from 38,000 Feet

    Looking at Men from 38,000 Feet

    Friends,   Men are at risk.   I listened to a talk by Marianne Williamson yesterday, one of the wisest and most spiritual people I know.  She was talking about the mythological and psychological underpinnings that shape the way we think about and act in […]

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