Think Football – 4th Quarter



A quickie this morning.


This is the first week of the fourth quarter.  Think: Football 4th quarter.  We’re behind.  It’s been a lousy first three quarters for businesses, non-profits, and governments.  The crowds are fidgeting, angry, some are filing out of the stadium.  So . . .


Think: Football 4th quarter:  This is an opportunity for intense focus.  A chance for some new momentum.  A chance to put aside internal rivalries and fight the real opponent.  And a chance to take some chances.


I say: We can do this.  Pick some clear targets and take some decisive moves forward.  Bury some hatchets and encourage your teammates.  Go into the 2-minute offense – a few less huddles and more focus on execution and pace.


Ready?   Break!


Lead with your best self!