Why Adding A Computer Monitor Takes Away Distractions


A quick mid-week Reading for Leading recommendation: Buy a second screen for your computer! A New York Times 1A story title today asks, “If One Screen Is Good, Are 3 Better? Many Multitaskers Think So.” I completely agree, but not for the reasons in the story. In the article people – some of whom have 3, 4 or 6 screens, yeesh! – say they can quickly switch screens without toggling and this increases their speed.

My problem isn’t having too little speed to change my focus.  My problem is too much easy speed. My problem is having ready access to a million  DISTRACTIONS.  I’m at least a little ADD, and my family would say a lot!  So, why would I or others who get distracted want a second screen, you ask?

Because my big screen is my focus screen.  You can see in the picture that my big screen has a GoogleDoc spreadsheet with my two week goals and tasks.  I may have 20 windows open on my laptop screen, but I always keep my main thing the main thing, and it’s right there; I never have to search for it.

This cheap innovation (here’s an amazon link to 20-inch monitors that sell for just over $100) has led to huge productivity gains for me. It might help you to

Lead with your best self!