Vaca, Follow Me, Get a Book


For the first time in years I declare: I’m on vacation – in Saugatuck, then to  Des Moines, Mt Rushmore, Jackson, Wyoming; and on to Berkeley. So no big ideas today –  three quick updates:

  1. RFL will continue next week and hopefully for years. I learn from writing and learn from all the great comments. Let me know if there’s more, less or different you’d like from me.
  2. I’d love to have you interact with me on Facebook, and at StrongMenSpeak, where I am writing more about leadership and especially about the changing roles of men.  StrongMenSpeak is a new website I’ve started with my colleagues from Berkeley, the Families and Work Institute, and Boston College’s Center for Work and Family. If these issues interest you or someone you know, please go to my Facebook page and “like” it.  I will be giving away three books to new followers of that page.
  3. You can track my work as well as that of my wife, Jennifer Granholm, at a new site, imaginatively named  Jennifer is doing some really cool things around alternative energy and economic development, and we’ll feature our book there when it launches on September 13.

Will you take a Vacation this summer? I figure it’ll help as you…

Lead with your best self!