What We Need in a Leader and a President


I’m very excited to launch www.presidential-leadership.com, a new non-partisan blogsite that will complement “Reading for Leading.” With the election of a president one year away and the primaries and caucuses nearly on us, we face a huge election. The news will keep bringing you the candidates, but this blogsite will feature leadership experts who will offer their thoughts on what great leadership looks like and what we need in a president. It’s not about who – though it will surely help you think about that – but about what kind of leader we need.

In today’s maiden column, Jim Kouzes, one of the most thoughtful and research-based authors, tells of the central characteristics people should and do expect of a president. Jim begins: For the last twenty-five years my coauthor, Barry Posner, and I have been asking working people around the world to answer the following question: “What do you look for and admire in a leader, someone whose direction you would willingly follow?” The results have been striking… read more here.

I predict you will find Kouzes’ piece intriguing as you consider the campaign, but I also know that you’ll find these useful thoughts for you, as you lead

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