You Can Get It Back


Sharp contrasts can wake you up.  Consider this one.  Many people are not very optimistic about the future – of politics, the country, the economy, or our schools.  And their worries about tomorrow dampen and darken their today.  Now, here’s the contrast; you won’t be surprised that it has to do with my favorite subject of late, my son Jack, who is 10 years old.  Jack is hugely optimistic about a certain event he expects to take place next week.  While many adults feel weighed down by their worries about tomorrow, Jack, like so many children, is driving daily joyfully on the fuel of his hopes for tomorrow.  He’s unstoppable!

Do you remember being ten – or maybe 3 years old to 14 or more?  Remember how all of December was brightened and lightened?  It’s why Jack positively sprang out of his seat at the family birthday dinner last weekend, “I get first dibs on doing the dishes,” he exclaimed.  What, has the boy lost his mind, thought every adult at his seemingly bizarre expression of responsibility and initiative.

Imagine having that kind of spirit, energy, fuel!  And imagine is the word.  At 30, 40, 50, 60 years old . . . we are no longer unconsciously competent at being hopeful.  But we possess the power, the freedom to choose to imagine a better day, a more hopeful time, the receipt of wonderful gifts, the joy of giving great gifts, and to consciously choose to savor the joy and energy that flow from hope and anticipation.

I am so excited about Christmas, and I am eager for 2008, too.  What kind of great things will there be to learn, to try, to play with?  What awesome people will I meet or get to know better?  Who will gift me with their ideas and their presence.  What good gifts can I bestow?

Savor hope.  Anticipate a good tomorrow today to . . .

Lead with your best self!