Your Kids – The Most Important People You’ll Ever Lead

“Your Kids – The Most Important People You’ll Ever Lead”

Impact and Outcome
• A whole new – the lens of leadership – to examine effective parenting
Skills and ideas to manage challenging children
Excitement for the ways we can succeed as parents
Why Dan
• He’s a former school teacher, youth worker, and long time “big brother”
Father of three, including two teenagers, Dan is walking the walk
• His leadership work has always had a family focus; he featured some of the best authorities in the country on his radio program “Families on Friday – the most important place any of us will ever lead”

Added Value
• Dan brings the insights from his popular CD Be the Parent Your Children WANT To Follow
• On average 60% of Dan’s audiences sign up for his free weekly e-newsletter “Reading for Leading” to reinforce the ideas he’s shared
• Access to some of Dan’s best radio interviews with parenting authorities

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